What is an intermodal container transfer facility?

Intermodal container transfer facilities are important components of the transportation system. These facilities help to move freight and control congestion at the nation’s port. They often involve partnerships and contractual negotiations. However, the use of these facilities, and the transport of freight to these facilities, can lead to greater risks of loss in some instances.

Rail cargo theft is a large concern for cargo traveling through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Los Angeles, Fontana, and Compton experience the largest number of cargo theft in the country. Trash from ransacked packages line the rail lines in some areas. This risk will largely affect these intermodal container transfer facilities and the transport of goods to and from these locations.

While incoterms will largely govern which party bears the risk of loss for the cargo. It will not limit the risk bearing party from seeking contribution from these facilities, the port, the rail company, and possibly even the city where the theft occurred. So, while these facilities and the incorporation of intermodal transport does help to alleviate congestion. It places added risk on the port and its transportation partners when a loss occurs.



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