Rail labor issues could be resolved by PEB


Negotiations between labor unions and Class I railroads (any railroad earning profits greater than $250 million) failed in January 2020. When this happens, the federal government gets involved to ensure that the rail system is not disrupted. earlier this year a federal mediation board worked with the parties to come to a resolution but later released the parties after those efforts failed. Now the Presidential Emergency Board has provided a 124-page report containing recommendations on how the railroad and unions can reach an agreement. The recommendations include:

  • A wage increase for railroad crews every five years.
  • Five annual lump sum payments of $1,000, which includes up to $11,000 in retroactive payments.
  • changes to healthcare benefits.

With these changes railroad worker's average salary would be around $150,000.

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  • Thanks for sharing you are teaching me about a transportation industry that I never thought about thank you so much for educating us. I ordered two of your books I love your books it is hard for me to concentrate when I read it was very easy for me to read the letters were large enough where I could see them very entertaining and you wrote were at the understand it thank you
    Patricia Chatman

    Patricia Chatman

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