New FMCSA mandate would eliminate driver protection from being frivolously stopped.

FMCSA is proposing a mandate that all trucks be equipped with electronic technology that would allow local enforcement officers access to your safety record in an effort to pull-over trucks that are more likely to have a violation.

This mandate would further limit the already limited rights of truck drivers. Under current law, police only need a reasonable suspicion to pull over a vehicle. This means that there has to be some indication that the driver or the truck is operating in violation of some law. After having a reasonable suspicion, an officer is free to conduct a full inspection of the driver and the vehicle. (To inspection a regular car, the officer would also need probable cause.)

Because this mandate would allow officers to use this technology as a way of obtaining a reasonable suspicion, the law severely limits the rights of truck drivers. The comment period ends on November 22nd.

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